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michelle chiang - her stories

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October 27th, 2014

06:11 pm - I have moved my blog!
Hey guys!

I have moved my blog to here!

See ya there!

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October 7th, 2013

10:33 am - Selling Post!

A post selling my pre-loved items!

[updated as at 21 October 2012]

Click here to shop!Collapse )

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October 21st, 2012

05:58 pm - Food Galore: Morganfield's

Massive blog posts with lotsa pictures!

Amidst the busy schedules, we managed to catch up over dinner!

With my two bitchy pals! =)

I was quite sick (and still am), so I didn't eat much =(



#02-23 The Star Vista

Not my first time to Star Vista and it's getting more and more crowded!

We couldn't make a reservation before we went down and they told us to try walk in.

Lucky for us, we had a very big table to ourselves, away from the rest of the crowds.

Reached around 7.30pm and it was already quite packed and but we still managed to get a table!

Drinks - Strawberry apple mojito (GB's) and Long Island iced tea (mine)

With Chewy's new toy in the background.

Yup! Chewy is studying her new camera intently.

When I showed her how to use it, she went "Wow! Ah! Ooohhh" 



Food is here!

The kitchen got the sides wrong and we sent it back.

Then the waitress was nice enough to just leave the sides as it is, and offer us the right sides (i.e. fries) in a tray.

Left: Smokehouse Club Salad (mine)
Right: Fries in a tray (GB's)

Being sick, I didn't wanna risk it and opted for the safest option: salad.

Very big bowl but I couldn't eat much, so it's kinda wasted if you eat it on your own. Good for sharing though.

Takes away the overwhelming meaty feeling if you only order ribs and steak.


Chewy's 250gm Sirloin Steak

Chewy ordered medium rare but it turned out a bit more medium than medium rare.

She didn't really like it. But she loved the caramelized onions and sautéed onions though.

They came at a hefty price of $2.50 each for the extra topping. And you can see from the picture below, the serving is REALLY small for $2.50.


GB's Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs

The meat is really tender! But I didn't try the BBQ sauce coz I had a bad throat that day.

Not a fan of spare ribs but this is very soft and not dry at all.

Mashed potato is good too.

My bitchy pals: Chewy and GB!

We spent the night talking and laughing damn loudly, playing with Chewy's camera and trying to get good shots of everyone.

In the end, Chewy's best shot of the night was taken on my iPhone (by me, of course).

They were amazed by the camera app and took shots of me too!

It's just Instagram, actually........

We moved onto desserts and tea at Owl Cafe!

OWL Cafe
#02-10/11 The Star Vista

Me and Chewy!

Damn, my face looks so big beside hers. Next time, can I hide at the back?

And here we go again! CARAMELISED!

It was the joke of the night because it's a bit hard to read this word initially.

After we got the hang of it, we just kept saying this word.

And then we saw it again in the menu and started laughing. So we just had to order it!

When the waitress repeated our order, she said:

"1 teh, 1 teh-o, 1 coffee cham teh"

"And one............. banana chocolate. Correct?"

Chewy and GB were so disappointed that she didn't read out Caramelised!

They were just waiting for her to read it out but she didn't!

And here's the CARAMELISED banana chocolate!

Very strong banana taste and the caramel was a bit too sweet for my liking.

A very great night with my pals, laughing all the way!

I look forward to our next bitching session!

One of my best shots for the night. There were aplenty, of course.

And I hereby declare that I am the best photog amongst us three! =D

Some random pictures below.

OOTD: Peplum top from The Stage Walk and floral culottes from ASOS and denim shorts from Jeans West.

Dinner with Stan at Nolboo (Orchard Central)

Aztec nail (sadly, done by a professional. Not me.)

Crazy pedicure colors again. I am always thinking of new colors to clash together.

That's all folks!

I am right in the midst of my peak period and the work keeps piling up, never ending because of some reasons that can't be spelled out.

So I might not blog so often. Boo.

Will still try to rant whenever I can. I better get well soon.....

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October 14th, 2012

10:24 am - Food Galore: Ricciotti

Star Vista #01-33
1 Vista Exchange Green

It's Friday and we decided to head to the new mall at Buona Vista!

(disclaimer: post is one week overdue)

It's only been open for less than a month and it's already so crowded! 75% of the shops are F&B and yet there is a queue at practically everywhere!

In the end we settled for this place. Al fresco dining. Something I don't do very often.

Took the waiters a good 10 minutes to finally show us a table even though we are the only ones in the queue! Very bad service.




Pasta! Quite good food... GB says it's the best carbonara he has ever eaten. LOL.


Dessert time!

The real thing doesn't look very similar to the one in the menu eh?

We requested not to have balsamic glaze but still, the jam looks a bit too little? 

Still, it's very nice with the sweet jam and lovely crust. We went "Mmmmm" and "Wowwww" over it. 


One last picture for the night.

The service of the waiter was really bad. I couldn't see his name because he didn't have a name tag on.

Took us a long time to finally get someone to take our orders and he took damn long to serve water. 

When he came to refill water, he spilled water onto my bag without apologizing and just walked away. 

They close at 1030pm and he came by, slamming the bill on our table without explaining. Though he only came to explain afterwards (with a black face), it's already too late. Damage done.

And seriously, close at 1030pm? Isn't that too early?

I have already posted on their Facebook page about this guy. They might delete my post. But be warned. 

At least I told you the service is bad. No matter how good the food is, I won't be back a second time.

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October 6th, 2012

12:03 am - My rants, my say.

I am in a ranting mood today. So here goes nothing.

My life has been rather smooth-sailing so far. Not the best of course, but definitely not the worst. I have learnt to count my blessings and cherish the things and people around me. They won't be around forever, you know? The cleaner at your block won't always be there to pick up your litter after you. The dress will go out of fashion eventually. Friends might exit from your life at some point in time. So I am glad to have my close friends with me, sticking with me through my best and worst times.

I, for one, believe in platonic friendships. As it is, I have many good guy friends. Probably more than good girlfriends. Guys can be really good listeners and they say the "hmmms" and "huh..." and "uh-huh" at the right times. They shed a different perspective on your issue at hand. And you can get to see the world through their eyes. It's kinda different, actually. 

People say that most friendships (between a guy and a girl) will eventually involve love at some stage. Because there is no such thing as a platonic friendship. I beg to differ. I have a very good friend (you know who you are) whom I love dearly. In a friend-friend kinda way. What were you thinking, man? We can talk about anything under the sun and you know we will always be there for each other. He calls me a shitbomb. Lol. He accepts me for who I am. And I thank him very much for that. =) So yes, platonic friendships do exist.

I picked up reading again recently. It's been a long time since I last read. It has a calming effect on me and I like how I get absorbed into the story, feeling the anger, pain and happiness of the characters. My last read has been Tony Parson's "Man and Wife". It's a continuation from "Man and Boy". I prefer the latter actually. "Man and Boy" speaks of how the man grows up and becomes a father himself. Even though all these while he has been trying to be like his father, doing things in a way that his father would approve of. He brought his son up in a different way and totally regretted it. It was only after his father died that he realized that he wanted to be like his dad so much. It was a touching story of how he dealt with the loss of his father, and the loss of his son to his ex-wife.

"Man and Wife" speaks of the same man. After leaving his first wife (because she found out that he cheated on her), he married his lover. As soon as he went into the second marriage, he had the urge to find a lover again. It seems like the love he had for his second wife dissipated as soon as they got married. But just as he was about to be unfaithful, he stopped himself in time and found the way to salvage his second marriage - to fall in love with his wife again. 

Some people like the feeling of falling in love, the early stages of a relationship. Where you don't know much about each other, and everything seems to be like a present all wrapped up, waiting to be opened. After they get into the relationship, all feeling of novelty is gone. And this is when they start cheating on each other. I don't think such people deserved to be loved. You might disagree with me, but hey, I am allowed to have an opinion, no? These people do not know how to love. Instead, they only love the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being wooed, and not the feeling of loving someone with all their heart. This isn't fair, right? Oh well, who ever said love is fair? There's always someone loving someone more. Never a balance.

If ever given a chance, I would like to drop everything here in Singapore and move to another country for at least a year. Not gonna do "eat, pray, love", if that's what you are thinking. We only live once and I want to be able to experience life in a different country. To  learn how to take care of myself, how to fend for myself and how to embrace the world regardless of whatever that comes my way. I believe that it will make me stronger as a person. It's only a dream and I hope to be able to fulfill that dream one day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Let me know what you think of such wordy posts. If anybody ever reads it word for word.

|Anything to say?|

October 2nd, 2012

10:25 pm - Food Galore: Canton Paradise

Canton Paradise

2 Jurong East Central 1
Jcube #02-09

Yup, I know what you wanna say.

"Canton Paradise? It's been open for so long. Now then you blog about it? So lag......"

Haha, it's only my second visit!


Meatballs and pig's liver porridge

Very big bowl! We had a hard time finishing it. I think Stan likes it a lot!

I am not a fan of Cantonese style congee but this one is fine, I guess.

Pan-fried carrot cake

We gotta have carrot cake whenever we go for dim sum. One of Stan's favourites.

Next time I'd try the XO stir-fried version. This one wasn't crispy enough (at the sides).

Looks kinda pale in the picture eh?

Char siew buns

Ah, one of the signature dishes at Canton Paradise!

Supposedly similar to the Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong) One-Star Michelin Dim Sum place.

It tastes very good! Though the color of the pastry is almost white.. Would have looked nicer if it's slightly golden brown.

It's available for takeaway too. Heat it up at home and it's good to eat!

Glutinous rice rolls - Char Siew filling

This is my must-order at any dim sum place. To see whether the place is up to standard.

The skin is a bit thick but actually very chewy!

I usually prefer the thinner and smoother ones, but this one is a pleasant surprise.

Deep-fried beancurd skin

Nicely fried and it is very crispy!

Seems to have a layer of batter coated over the beancurd skin as it is not the usual kind of surface you see.

Custard buns

My favourites, anytime, anywhere. Lol

It looks exactly like the ones from Imperial Treasure at Ion Orchard.

And it tastes the same too! This one has salted egg in it and the filling is oh-so-creamy!! 


Milk tea

They use the same cup as the ones we see in Hong Kong!

The tea taste was a bit too strong. So please don't drink it on an empty stomach. You might feel nauseous afterwards.

Our spread for the day.

It's always not so worth it to eat dim sum when it's just two of you.

You can't get the variety because too much food will go to waste if you can't finish them!

We will be back to try other dishes from Canton in future! =)

On a random note, I have finally found the kind of bibimbap that I love!!

I don't usually eat bibimbap because I don't like the hardened rice that sticks to the bottom of the stone pot.

But this one is the traditional kind that is served in a large metal bowl. So there is no hardened rice!

I love it because it has all my favorite veggies, together with a sunny side up and some BBQ chicken.

Mix well and you are ready to tuck in!

It's the first time Stan has seen me eating something so fast and I finished it all!

In case you are wondering where, it's at Hwang's (NUH CREATE Building).

We always go there for cheap and good Korean food. Very nice place to chill out. 

The night is perfect when you end it with an ice cream or drink from Starbucks.


My outfit for the day (on a random day):

Cardigan from Taiwan, Uniqlo tank top, shorts from Korea and clutch from ASOS.

I like the classic look. So demure! (and unlike me. Heh)

Sweet Stan got me this tee shirt.

I am a fan of Running Man and my favourite guy, Jae Suk the grasshopper is on the shirt!

The korean words on the tag says "Michelle Chiang".

Cool right? I love it very much!

Ending this post with a picture of us.

Stan and me.

(we know you can't get enough of us!)

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